INSEE Concrete

INSEE Ready Mixed Concrete

Setting New Benchmarks for Concrete Consistency and Structural Performance

Drawing from 5 decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in construction, INSEE Cement now produces highly advanced, application-based ready mixed concrete solutions to meet the rapid pace of development across the local construction industry

INSEE RMX Advantages:
Our Application-Based RMX Solutions:
  1. INSEE SCC – A highly flowable concrete mix used for fast placement in greatly reinforced areas without mechanical consolidation, with improved durability, enabling aesthetic surface finishes, enhancing constructability of any complex structural forms as well as large pours. The flowable nature makes this mix ideal for high rises and complex constructions.
  2. INSEE Cool – A low heat concrete mix that eliminates the potential for thermal cracking and delayed ettringite formation in mass concrete sections. Additionally, the mix has high workability and pumpability with very low permeability, resulting in highly durable concrete structures.
  3. INSEE HiPer – High performance across all features hence this concrete mix guarantees high strength, high workability and volume stability, high modulus of elasticity and very low permeability with long service life in aggressive atmospheric conditions with high sulfate, chloride or acid concentrations. This makes INSEEHiPer ideal for infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, tall buildings and irrigation projects.
  4. INSEE Rapid – A high strength concrete mix that leads to optimized structural design, faster construction speed. This results in economic benefits from reduced construction times and increased usable floor area.
  5. INSEE Pile – A high resistance to segregation and filtration over long time intervals under significant hydraulic pressure. This highly flowable concrete is designed for ground engineering applications such as piles and diaphragm walls.
  6. INSEE Lite – Lightweight concrete mixes designed with substantially lower unit weights. INSEELite is ideal for construction where reduced dead weight is an important variable in the design and economic feasibility of a project. Ideal for fire and corrosion protection, heat insulation on roofs, water pipe insulation, floor and roof slab filling, partition and panel wall construction, low-cost housing construction, and the production of precast concrete blocks.
  7. INSEE Colour – Aesthetic and colourful concrete surfaces for counters, sinks, furniture, wall panels, hearths, tiles, floors, counters and walls. Results in eliminating costs of adding other expensive surface covers and materials, while also making the concrete more durable and stain resistant.
  8. INSEE SansthaCrete – Made from INSEE’s highly demanded cement brand SANSTHA. This concrete mix is a high performing medium-to-high strength grade concrete. With superior workability and pumpability. Specially formulated for IHBs.
  9. INSEEThru – A special type of pervious concrete with high porosity that allows water from precipitation to pass through it, INSEE Thru is ideal for sustainable concrete flatwork such as parking areas, pedestrian walkways and pavements with trees, where it allows the transfer of both water and air to root systems, allowing trees to flourish even in heavily urbanized areas.
  10. INSEEAntiWash – A self-flowing and cohesive underwater concrete with superior anti-washout properties in running water. INSEEAntiwash has lower setting time for easier placement of concrete under water, and perfected for marine construction and water irrigation infrastructure projects.
  11. INSEEEco – Gaining significant attention and market demand in the recent past through INSEE’s vision and promotion for sustainable construction, INSEEEco is a highly durable, environmentally friendly concrete with low Carbon footprint, ideal for low-carbon, healthy constructions.
  12. INSEEControl – A special mix design produced with advanced concrete design technology, resulting in zero-to-limited concrete shrinkage. This ensures that concrete structures and elements are highly durable and not susceptible to cracks and breakage, making INSEEControl ideal for flooring and pavement applications.
  13. INSEERight – Designed to meet most of the required general requirements of the concrete such as strength, workability, pumpability. These mixes are ideal for the construction of most of the common concrete elements such as columns, walls, beams & slabs.

A wide range of tests and equipment to assess fresh and hardened concrete properties

  • Specified Tests for Self-Compacting Concrete
    • Flow Table Test – BS EN 12350-5:2019
    • J-Ring Test – BS EN 12350-12:2010
    • V Funnel – BS EN 12350-09:2010
    • L Box – EN 12350
  • Slump test – BS EN 12350-2 and ASTM C143
  • Density of fresh concrete – ASTM C138
  • Air content in fresh concrete – ASTM 231
  • Concrete bleeding – ASTM 232
  • Concrete setting time – ASTM C403
  • Compressive Strength up to 180 MPa – Testing Machines (3000 & 4000KN) – Double the existing strength standards in Sri Lanka
  • NDT for Compressive Strength up to 130 MPa – Impact Rebound Hammers – Double the existing equipment capacity in Sri Lanka
  • Flexural Strength – ASTM C78 / BS EN 12390-5-2019
  • Splitting Resistance – ASTM C-496 / EN 12390-6 / EN 1338
  • Concrete Specimen Grinding Machine – BS EN 12390-2 2019/ ASTM D4543

A wide range of tests and equipment to assess and ensure your aggregate grade meets the demand and requirement of your concrete.

  • INSEE Measurement Tools
    • INSEE Blue™ – Assess clay content as key quality indicator for manufactured and natural pit sand
    • INSEE Shape™ – Assess the grain shape particles as key quality indicator for manufactured sand
  • Coarse and fine aggregate particles size distribution – ASTM C136 / C136M – 19 & BS EN 933-1
  • Relative Density and Absorption of Coarse Aggregates – ASTM C127-12
  • Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) – BS EN 1097-2:2010
  • Flakiness Index & Elongation Index – BS EN 933-3:2012
  • Soundness Test of Aggregates – SN EN 206-1
  • Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV)- BS EN 1097-2:2010
  • Los Angeles Abrasion Test – ASTM C 131-06

A range of tests to assess properties of fresh concrete that go beyond the traditional ‘slump test’, improving the quality and consistency of concrete.

  • INSEE Measurement Tools
    • INSEE Flow™
    • INSEE Heat™
    • INSEE Color™
    • INSEE ConTemp™
  • ICAR Rheometer for paste, mortar & concrete toassess pumpability, flow resistance, thickness, slump retention, admixtures compatibility
  • Grout for Pre-Stressing Tendons – BS EN 445 2007
  • Electrical Conductivity for paste & mortar
  • Cementometer™ latest microwave technology for the determination of fresh concrete water to cement w/c ratio

Advanced testing with durability indicators to optimize structural performance and extend the service life of concrete structures exposed to severe environments.

  • Rapid Chloride Permeability Test - ASTM C1202
  • Bulk Electrical Conductivity of Hardened Concrete - ASTM C1760-12
  • Specific Resistivity - RILEM TC154 - AASHTO T358
  • Concrete Carbonation - Swiss SIA 262-1/1 CEN/TS 12390-12
  • O2 Permeability - RILEM 116-PCD CEMBUREAU Method
  • Capillary Water Absorption/ Sorptivity - Swiss SIA 262/1:2013 ASTM C1585-04
  • Initial Surface Absorption (ISAT) - BS 1881 Part 5
  • Water Permeability - EN 12390-8:2000
  • Concrete Sulphate Resistance - SIA 262-1/A