INSEE Cement honours employees’ dedication and commitment at Seniority Awards 2021

February 14, 2022

INSEE Cement, Sri Lanka’s leading cement manufacturer, held its annual Seniority Awards recently to appreciate employees who have contributed to and served the company for more than 20 years. These awards celebrate and acknowledge the dedicated service of longstanding employees. The Awards Ceremony was held on the 26th of November 2021 at the Union Ballroom, Hilton Colombo Residencies, in accordance with health guidelines. Thus, while family members of the Award Winners were unable to physically attend this year, they were able to witness their loved ones’ special moment live through virtual platforms. 20 employees were appreciated and received gold sovereigns at the awards; 19 of these individuals had completed 21 years of service, while a single individual marked the completion of over 25 years of service at INSEE Cement. Twelve of these individuals are attached to the Puttalam Cement Works, while four are attached to the Ruhunu Cement Works (RCW) and four are from the Colombo office.

Commenting on the occasion, Gustavo Navarro, Chief Executive Officer of INSEE Cement said “Our employees are highly competent and well experienced. They have spearheaded the progress of the cement industry in Sri Lanka for five decades.  The Seniority Award is unique in many ways and undoubtedly symbolizes the recognition and esteem that these employees hold within the company.  We’re delighted to recognize their commitment and loyalty, and trust that their journeys with INSEE have been enriching and rewarding. The dedication demonstrated by these remarkable individuals underscores the mutual trust and commitment shared between our organization and its employees.”

Among the recipients of the INSEE Seniority Award were employees from across functional teams such as production, packing, marketing, procurement and logistics, maintenance and quality assurance. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Navaro passionately expressed, “Our people are our strength and pride at INSEE. Your discipline and adherence to safety regulations made it possible for us to hold this important event that is dear to our hearts, despite these challenging times we live in. We are grateful for your valuable contribution. We also take this opportunity to thank all those who have turned out today, virtually, to show their support to a loved one. This is exactly what we celebrate here at INSEE and what the Seniority Award is all about; the bonds of family, the ties of kinship and unwavering dedication and commitment. This is what it takes to build for life!”

INSEE Cement or Siam City Cement (Lanka) Limited, is a member of the Siam City Cement Public Company Limited (SCCC), a leading cement manufacturer in Southeast Asia, founded in 1969 in Thailand. The Company – INSEE Cement, manufactures INSEE branded – Sanstha, Mahaweli Marine, Mahaweli Marine Plus, INSEE Rapid Flow, INSEE Rapid Flow Plus and INSEE Extra cement. INSEE Cement is the first certified ‘Green Cement’ in Sri Lanka, having received Green Labelling certification awarded by the Green Building Council. The Company is the only fully integrated cement manufacturer in Sri Lanka and is ranked among LMD’s Most Respected Entities.

A wide range of tests and equipment to assess fresh and hardened concrete properties

  • Specified Tests for Self-Compacting Concrete
    • Flow Table Test – BS EN 12350-5:2019
    • J-Ring Test – BS EN 12350-12:2010
    • V Funnel – BS EN 12350-09:2010
    • L Box – EN 12350
  • Slump test – BS EN 12350-2 and ASTM C143
  • Density of fresh concrete – ASTM C138
  • Air content in fresh concrete – ASTM 231
  • Concrete bleeding – ASTM 232
  • Concrete setting time – ASTM C403
  • Compressive Strength up to 180 MPa – Testing Machines (3000 & 4000KN) – Double the existing strength standards in Sri Lanka
  • NDT for Compressive Strength up to 130 MPa – Impact Rebound Hammers – Double the existing equipment capacity in Sri Lanka
  • Flexural Strength – ASTM C78 / BS EN 12390-5-2019
  • Splitting Resistance – ASTM C-496 / EN 12390-6 / EN 1338
  • Concrete Specimen Grinding Machine – BS EN 12390-2 2019/ ASTM D4543

A wide range of tests and equipment to assess and ensure your aggregate grade meets the demand and requirement of your concrete.

  • INSEE Measurement Tools
    • INSEE Blue™ – Assess clay content as key quality indicator for manufactured and natural pit sand
    • INSEE Shape™ – Assess the grain shape particles as key quality indicator for manufactured sand
  • Coarse and fine aggregate particles size distribution – ASTM C136 / C136M – 19 & BS EN 933-1
  • Relative Density and Absorption of Coarse Aggregates – ASTM C127-12
  • Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) – BS EN 1097-2:2010
  • Flakiness Index & Elongation Index – BS EN 933-3:2012
  • Soundness Test of Aggregates – SN EN 206-1
  • Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV)- BS EN 1097-2:2010
  • Los Angeles Abrasion Test – ASTM C 131-06

A range of tests to assess properties of fresh concrete that go beyond the traditional ‘slump test’, improving the quality and consistency of concrete.

  • INSEE Measurement Tools
    • INSEE Flow™
    • INSEE Heat™
    • INSEE Color™
    • INSEE ConTemp™
  • ICAR Rheometer for paste, mortar & concrete toassess pumpability, flow resistance, thickness, slump retention, admixtures compatibility
  • Grout for Pre-Stressing Tendons – BS EN 445 2007
  • Electrical Conductivity for paste & mortar
  • Cementometer™ latest microwave technology for the determination of fresh concrete water to cement w/c ratio

Advanced testing with durability indicators to optimize structural performance and extend the service life of concrete structures exposed to severe environments.

  • Rapid Chloride Permeability Test - ASTM C1202
  • Bulk Electrical Conductivity of Hardened Concrete - ASTM C1760-12
  • Specific Resistivity - RILEM TC154 - AASHTO T358
  • Concrete Carbonation - Swiss SIA 262-1/1 CEN/TS 12390-12
  • O2 Permeability - RILEM 116-PCD CEMBUREAU Method
  • Capillary Water Absorption/ Sorptivity - Swiss SIA 262/1:2013 ASTM C1585-04
  • Initial Surface Absorption (ISAT) - BS 1881 Part 5
  • Water Permeability - EN 12390-8:2000
  • Concrete Sulphate Resistance - SIA 262-1/A